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Financial Tools - Self Insurance Analysis

Self-Insurance Analysis Inputs
Benefit Period:
Daily Benefit
Annualized Premium
Rate of Return on Investment
LTC Inflation

Input Fields:

Age: Your age at time of policy purchase.

Benefit Period: The Policy Benefit Period you have chosen in you policy design.

Daily Benefit: Amount of LTC Daily Benefit you are purchasing.

Annualized Premium: The yearly premium you are thinking of paying, usually determined by the Premium Calculator.

Rate of Return on investment: A dropdown box which allows you to choose an assumed rate of return on your LTC premiums if you were to self-insure and invest your premiums instead. You have a choice of a compounded investment return from 0 to 10% per year.

LTC Inflation: The inflation option you have chosen for your LTC Plan. A dropdown box gives you a choice

  • None: A choice of no inflation benefit applied to your original Daily Benefit

  • Simple: The original Daily Benefit is increased by 5% each year of the original benefit chosen. For example, 5% Simple on an original daily benefit of $100 per day would increase the benefit each year by $5 on policy.

  • Compound: The original Daily Benefit grows by a 5% compound interest rate each year at policy anniversary. The 5% is applied to the total amount of benefit each year.

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