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Does my health effect my ability to get LTC?

Long-Term Care Insurance Requires Medical Underwriting!

Companies selling long-term care look at your health and health history before they decide to issue a policy. You may be able to buy coverage through an employer or another type of group without any health underwriting or a more relaxed underwriting. The health underwriting practices involved with issuing long-term care policies affect the premiums they charge you now and in the future.

No matter how the company underwrites, you must answer certain questions used by the company to decide if it will insure you. When you fill out your application, be sure to answer all questions correctly and completely. A company depends on the information you provide to make decisions throughout the underwriting process. If the information is wrong, an insurance company may decide to rescind your policy and return premiums paid. This can be done usually within the first two years after buying the policy. Most companies will give you a copy of your application when the policy is delivered. The application is usually inserted in the back of the contract you receive.

Standard Medical Requirements When Applying for LTC!

Most Long-Term Care companies will require: Each carrier will have their own set of underwriting requirements and guidelines. You may be able to get coverage with one company but not with another. You should disclose all medical information with as much detail as possible to your representative. They will do their best to pre-qualify their medical history to prevent an adverse decision by carriers.

  • A Phone Health Interview over age 55

    • The call usually is completed by a Registered Nursed representing the carrier.

    • Interviews last approximately 20-30 minutes depending on health history.

    • During the interview you should have on hand, current medication bottles, names of physicians, and dates of any surgeries or hospitalizations.

  • A face-to-face interview and assessment for over age 75 with medical records. Most companies use the following format:

    • Take approximately 45 minutes.

    • Consists of Standardized Medical Questions focused on names and addresses of your physicians, medical history, medication dosage and frequency, any current symptoms you may have, lifestyle review, how you perform daily activities (bathing, dressing, toileting, etc), and use of medical equipment and devices.

    • You will also be asked to participate in a memory exercise.

    • Blood Pressure, Height and Weight

  • Medical Records from the primary physician over age 60 or so.

  • Medical Records at the Underwriter's discretion for any other applicant.

  • Medical Exam could be required if you have not seen a physician within a stated amount of time. Most carriers use 18 months to 2 years as a guideline for the physical requirement. If an applicant has not had a physical in the stipulated amount of time, they will require one be completed before making an underwriting decision.

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