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What Services are Covered?

First ...  It is very important to understand what services may be covered under long-term care policies. Second ...   determine which services are the most important to you. Then ...   make sure the policy you choose has those services.

What Services Are Covered? The answer to this question is determined by the carrier and product you choose.    Familiarize yourself with what is available so you can ask the right questions.

  • Nursing Home Care

  • Home Health Care: There are several ways policies can cover home health care

    • Care From Licensed Home Health Care Agencies

    • Licensed Health Care Providers (independent)

    • Licensed Practical Nurses

    • Occupational, Speech or Physical Therapists

    • Licensed Health Care Aides

  • Respite Care: Care provided by a third party that relieves family caregivers for a few hours to several days and gives them an occasional break from daily caregiving responsibilities.

  • Hospice Care: Continuous care provided at home or in a facility with a home-like setting for a terminally ill person. A terminally ill person has a life expectancy of six months or less.

  • Personal Care in Your Home (Custodial Care): Care to help individuals meet personal needs such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Someone without professional training may provide care.

  • Services in Assisted Living Facilities

  • Services in Adult Day Care Centers

  • Services in other Community Facilities

  • Care Outside of the United States: Many policies exclude or limit coverage for care outside of the U.S. If living outside of the U.S. or frequent travel outside of U.S. is a factor, make sure you pay close attention to this benefit when choosing your policy.

Where Services Are Covered! Knowing this is extremely important at the time of care. You should know what types of facilities are covered by your long-term care policy. If you're not in the right facility, the insurance company can refuse to pay for eligible services.

What Services Are Not Covered? Most long-term care insurance policies usually do not pay benefits for:

  • A Mental or nervous disorder or disease, other than Alzheimer's disease or other dementia.

  • Alcohol or drug addiction.

  • Illness or injury caused by an act of war.

  • Treatment the government has provided in a government facility or already paid for.

  • Attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injuries.

At Any Time During The LTC Sales Process:
You can ask to view a sample policy to verify and understand the benefits available in that contract.

At The Time of Application:
You Should Receive An Outline of Coverage Explaining (In Detail) All Benefits Available In the Contract You Are Purchasing.

After Issuance of The Contract:
You Will Find All Benefit and Coverage Details in the Contract Provided at Delivery. You Have 30 Days From the Delivery of the Contract to Return A Policy As Non-Taken.

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